Vestra Resources, Inc.

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Since 1988, VESTRA Resources, Inc. has been an industry leader in Enterprise GIS design, customization and implementation. VESTRA is an Esri Certified Gold Partner, ArcGIS Online Specialty Partner, ArcGIS for Local Government Specialty Partner, and Federal Small Business Specialty Partner offering products and services to clients of all sizes representing government and private organizations, nationally.

VESTRA will be showcasing the GeoSystems Monitor, the best real-time GIS Application Monitor product available on the market today. The GeoSystems Monitor is designed to assist your GIS Administrator gain a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. By monitoring your GIS Platform and helping you diagnose and correct errors that affect your enterprise performance, the GeoSystems Monitor allows you to make more informed decisions, and improve your systems’ performance and efficiency.

With an abundance of unique and innovative features, the GeoSystems Monitor is the premier product for monitoring your GIS Enterprise

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