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We are a national leader in implementing straightforward approaches to development and deployment of scalable enterprise Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) solutions. From the simple to the complex, we define and deliver systems and personnel to meet our customers’ ever evolving demands in such industries as government, telecommunications, water resources, energy and pipelines, and air and surface transportation. With 75 years of planning, engineering, construction, surveying and mapping expertise, Michael Baker International has produced millions of square miles of cartographic and imagery data of the earth’s surface.

Michael Baker International has differentiated itself and expanded its capabilities by using the latest technologies. For example, we use aerial, static and mobile Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems that accurately determine range, elevation, and other critical mapping data. With hundreds of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), survey, mapping and IT professionals in our Geospatial Practice across North America, Michael Baker International possesses in-house experience and resources to support all elements of your program needs, including: needs analysis, digitizing/data conversion, customized mapping applications, and systems documentation, implementation, and training.

Our experienced staff knows that the geospatial information we collect and process are needed for holistic approaches to monitoring and managing environmental conditions, as well as assessing in situ infrastructure. Michael Baker International understands that efficient asset management is vital to the protection and sustainability of our natural resources and the operability and longevity of constructed assets. Our experts provide the necessary needs analyses, system planning and implementation, data conversion, and development of user interfaces to GIS and asset management systems with an emphasis on ease of use and error-free data. We are committed to advancing our competitive technological edge and delivering best-in-class solutions.

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