Why Aren't You Using Centimeter Accurate GNSS Receivers With Esri's Collector?

With advances in Esri's Collector app, users can now fully utilize the satellite metadata capture tool to record horizontal and vertical accuracy estimates with each field collected data point.  These accuracy estimates are provided by Bluetooth-enabled submeter and centimeter GNSS receivers paired with phones or tablets.  This update along with Collector's ability to create a Location Profile to account for various datums, now allows RTK GNSS users to take advantage of centimeter accuracy on a tablet for their mobile GIS workflow.  RTK centimeter-grade equipment is now the same cost as those old handheld submeter GPS and GNSS receivers and access to centimeter corrections via the California Real Time Network is free!  So why haven't you switched your field collection equipment to a tablet and Bluetooth-enabled RTK receiver and Esri's Collector for direct interface to your company's GIS?  Come to this talk to learn about the differences between submeter, subfoot, and centimeter-grade GNSS receiver technology and how it works with Esri's Collector for use in field mapping and asset management for your Mobile GIS system!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 10:30 to 11:05

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