Welcoming Remarks from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf; Charlie Loyd Keynote [Mapbox]

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Californian Pixels: Raster data, remote sensing, and new scales of understanding

The past few years have given us new ways of looking at Earth's surface, and new ways of distributing and understanding that data. So what's possible today that wasn't just a few CalGIS'es ago? Where are the most interesting open problems? What's still difficult? I'll address these questions, and raise others, with a focus on California's landscapes. I hope to leave the listener with a clear picture of where remote sensing is today, its meaning for people in other areas of geography and GIS, and how exciting this moment is for the field.

Charlie Loyd bio: Charlie works on satellite and aerial imagery at Mapbox’s San Francisco office. He has a special interest in open data, and has been involved in several projects to publish raster data for open access. His day-to-day is in acquiring and processing imagery, including color correction, cloud removal, etc., at terapixel scales.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 08:45 to 10:00

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