Virtual Reality GIS In the Classroom:

Although Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets have been creating much buzz in the realms of video games and other fields, due to new generations of devices and consumer affordability, the ecosystem of Virtual Reality GIS arguably requires more maturity before adoption can be justfied in certain settings. 

In this presentation, I discuss my attempts to incorporate the open source VR headset "OSVR" into a GIS course curriculum, and relate issues of accessibility, compatibility, and other issues that have been encountered. I discuss the current efforts towards user-friendly VR in GIS by proprietary and open source developers, as well as my own efforts over the past year to make such contributions. In particular, my interest in using the widely known "Nintendo 3DS" as a data source for virtual reality visualizations as an affordable way to engage students in the classroom. 

Questions I have sought to answer over this year have included, what is the role VR GIS can take in an overall GIS curriculum? Are educational goals and engagement through VR GIS enough to offset current costs and barriers to adoption (Beyond VR headsets themselves, software and hardware limitations, as well as unexpected concerns such as secure storage and monitoring usage). For educational programs interested in the potentials of Virtual Reality to GIS curriculum, I offer my own experiences and knowledge as well as invite others to collaborate and share their own experiences. |

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 17:00 to 17:30

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