US Forest Service - Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

The US Forest Service is working to improve its ability to manage and share authoritative agency data. Approved data collected from local units that meets certain criteria is stored in the Enterprise Data Warehouse and published via multiple services for use in many applications.

The EDW is a Forest Service repository of geospatial and tabular FS data that is current (as the data is refreshed regularly), trusted (since the data is drawn from authoritative data sources, also known as systems of record), and standardized (as the data has been approved as an FS or generally accepted data standard, e.g., reference datasets for State, County, Congressional District).

The EDW also is a technology platform that provides business intelligence tools for integrating data used for analysis and reporting, internal and external map services, and web services that serve out standard reference data that is consumed by agency applications. The EDW includes hundreds of datasets spanning over 35 dataset themes, over 60 map services of authoritative agency data published and available to the public, and over 87 map services published for internal use.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:05

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