The Streetography User Interface for Displaying Geocoded Photos on Maps

Software developers have been trying to display geocoded photos on maps for over a decade, but the common user interface, using pins to denote photo locations, hasn't been successful.  For example, earlier this year, Instagram pulled its "photo maps" feature, using pins on a map, citing low usage numbers.  

Streetography is a new mobile app for iOS and Android that presents a new, much improved user interface for displaying photos on a map.  Rather than showing pins at specific locations, it places photos directly on the map, cut out by the borders of geographic entities - blocks, neighborhoods, cities, states/regions, or countries - depending on the current zoom level of the map. Tapping on a photo opens a list view of other photos taken in that geographic entity.

By placing photos on a map, rather than in small pins, Streetography makes map browsing an emotionally immersive experience.  Focused on San Francisco, Streetography shows cable cars, brightly-colored victorians, and Haight Street hippies.  Focused on Paris, it shows shimmering boulevards and hip sidewalk cafes.  

This session will be presented by Mike Lanza, Streetography's Founder and CEO.  For more information, go to

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