Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government – The City of Berkeley Example

David Holdstock, GISP, GIS consultant and author of Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government, CRC Press 2017, talks about planning, building and maintaining a true enterprise-wide, scalable, sustainable and enduring GIS.  David introduces a corporate style diagnosis strategy, and offers an in depth discussion about the following:
• Six pillars of GIS sustainability
• Challenges, barriers and pitfalls
• Governance and staffing models
• Training, education and knowledge transfer
• Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
• How to sell GIS to your organization 
Ms. Savita Chaudhary, City of Berkeley's IT Director and Ms. Cristi Delgado, City of Berkeley’s Enterprise GIS & Open Data Coordinator, join David to share stories about the City of Berkeley’s strategic, technical, tactical, logistical and political issues of GIS implementation

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 10:30 to 11:05

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