Stitching the Quilt: The 3D Elevation Program for California

Authors: Carol Ostergren, Nate Roth, and Drew Decker

Abstract: The national 3D Elevation Program, also known as 3DEP, has become a focal point around which states can bring together communities of practitioners whose programs depend upon mission-critical terrain datasets such as lidar. California, in partnership with the US Geological Survey, will put in place a number of initiatives over the next several years to build out lidar for areas of critical need; revisiting and updating the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment; and bringing in key state and local agencies in the shifting landscape of issues: drought, subsidence, tree health, infrastructure, water availability and conveyance, coastal resiliency, and hazards. Immediately following this presentation, we will hold a facilitated interactive 30-minute session to begin next steps for developing a strategic plan for lidar for California. We will address questions such as priority needs, success factors, funding strategies, priorities, products, timelines, and recent achievements that can be directly tied to high quality lidar data.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 15:00 to 15:35

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