Digital Elevation Models Derived from Drones

Pix4D makes software solutions for GIS progessionals. One of the solutions is the ability to generate 3D digital elevation models. This presentation will cover how a DEM can be exported as either a digital surface model (DSM) or digital terrian model (DTM). It will also cover how contour lines can be derived to represent the true bare-earth topography of a terrain. A demonstration will presented to showcase best practices for leveraging these 3D elevation products in your GIS workflow.

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Drone Technology and Data Analysis

Drones are now becoming mature technology for data collection in agriculture, natural resources management, mining, facilities management, emergency response, and other fields. Working with drone data, however, is a non-trivial affair because it requires a special suite of knowledge and skills related to remote sensing, photogrammetry, spatial data management, spatial analysis, mapping, specialized equipment, and regulatory considerations.

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