Make your database work for you

Part of the challenge with using open source databases in GIS, is getting them set up to work efficiently.  This presentation will include an overview of places where the database can be configured in a way that it does the work for you, as opposed to vice-versa.<!--break-->

We will look at the following areas:

  1. User/group configuration
  2. Schema design
  3. Creating Data Views
  4. Database Triggers/Stored Functions

Within each of these areas, there are configurations that can be performed, or actions taken that once complete, will allow for more automation in the future.  Some of these include:  Setting up User groups with set permissions; Setting up default operations on schemas to assign permissions to lower level user groups; Create data views using spatial functions to efficiently utilize data and reduce duplication; and setting up triggers on layers to activate stored functions to track changes to layers, or update tables from external data sources.

Regardless of the size of the agency or firm, we all seem to end up wearing many hats.  Taking these steps will enable you to rely on the power of the database to standardize operations and tasks.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 14:15 to 14:50

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