Bringing High Resolution Land Cover Products to Our Nation’s Coasts

Understanding current conditions and past change is essential to improving natural resource management in the future. Through its Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP), NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management produces standardized land cover and change information for the coastal U.S.  Current products include both regionally focused, moderate resolution (30 m) data that is updated every 5 years and high resolution (1-4 m) maps that provide more detail in areas experiencing high rates of land cover change, bringing this national framework to the local level.

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A framework for managing, visualizing, and sharing land-change datasets

Land-change simulation models such as the Land-use and Carbon Scenario Simulator (LUCAS), allow researchers to simulate land-use/land-change over multiple spatial and temporal domains, model iterations, and land-cover states and transitions. These models can also track the impacts of alternative management and disturbance scenarios on ecosystem carbon storage and flux (transfer of carbon), and other variables such as water-demand.

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