Geospatial Data

From hours to seconds: Multi-dimensional indexing with GeoWave and HBase

Participants in this workshop will learn how to use GeoWave’s multidimensional indexing capabilities to preserve spatial and spatial-temporal locality in a distributed key value store. Each participant will set up a test cluster on his or her own machine using the GeoWave RPMs and Docker. We will then use the GeoWave command line functionality to ingest and analyze both vector and raster data. The participants will also use our GeoWave Geoserver plugins to render their data.

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Protecting Cultural Heritage with Open Source Arches Tool

Archaeological sites, historic buildings and structures and other cultural heritage is at risk in countries around the world.  Working with the Getty Conservation Institute and World Monuments Fund, we’ve developed an open source, web-based geospatial data management system called Arches ( that lets organizations build and manage inventories of their heritage objects, a key step in protecting built heritage.  Because describing cultural heritage objects is so dependent on location (think of the difference

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