Environmental Health Engaging Staff and Public with Web Mapping Applications

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The County of San Luis Obispo's Environmental Health Division develops mobile web mapping applications that engage the public and county staff with timely data that supports multiple programs and emerging events that impact public health and the environment.  Currently we have the following ERSI ArcGIS-based map viewers developed completely in-house with Latitude Geographic’s Geocortex Essentials:
HealthView provides GIS tools for staff to track and respond to complaints and information request from the public regarding food, pool, body art, waste tire and HAZMAT facilities.  Staffs also utilize this map viewer for planning inspection routes, revising inspection districts, performing proximity analysis and creating site maps for various permits. EatSafeSLO provides the public with the locations and timely inspection reports for permitted retail food facilities.
DrillerView provides countywide water well drilling contractors with GIS tools to determine best water well drilling sites. SurfSafeSLO provides timely and historical beach water quality sampling data for designated countywide sampling sites. MosquitoSurveillanceView provides the public with mosquito surveillance locations and trapping results. MosquitoView provides contracted mosquito vector districts with countywide GIS data and GIS tools to determine possible mosquito habitats for mosquito surveillance purposes.
Environmental Health’s GIS was built from the ground-up starting in 2014 and includes the mapping of food, HAZMAT, pool, body art and waste tire facilities and water well, beach water quality sampling and mosquito surveillance trapping sites.  These map viewers are deeply integrated into our inspection, permitting, customer service and project management workflows and support multiple stakeholders. This presentation will demonstrate the individual map viewers and outline the general workflow involved in building and maintaining them within the county GIS enterprise system.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 13:30 to 14:05

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