Data management

Make your database work for you

Part of the challenge with using open source databases in GIS, is getting them set up to work efficiently.  This presentation will include an overview of places where the database can be configured in a way that it does the work for you, as opposed to vice-versa.<!--break-->

We will look at the following areas:

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GIS For Ports: Geospatial Security Mapping System at the Port of Oakland

AECOM developed and implemented the Geospatial Security Mapping System (GSMS) for the Port of Oakland (Port) - this session will explore that process and implementation. The ongoing objective of the project is to produce an enterprise geographic information system (GIS) comprised of data, hardware, software, process documentation, training, and support that will be used by the Port to improve daily operations, to prepare for and manage crisis events, and to advise recovery efforts.

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A framework for managing, visualizing, and sharing land-change datasets

Land-change simulation models such as the Land-use and Carbon Scenario Simulator (LUCAS), allow researchers to simulate land-use/land-change over multiple spatial and temporal domains, model iterations, and land-cover states and transitions. These models can also track the impacts of alternative management and disturbance scenarios on ecosystem carbon storage and flux (transfer of carbon), and other variables such as water-demand.

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