Building An Address Repository Using the FGDC Standard: Implementing Quality and Data Sharing

"The Workshop will focus on three separate areas of addressing activities at the local government (city/county) level: 
  1.  Understanding your existing addresses and address reference system (business rules)
  2.  Understanding how to get your existing address information into a single MAR using standards to manage quality.
  3.  Address assignment and maintenance:  keeping your address information current and trustworthy.

The Workshop is not highly technical, but is aimed at GIS and other staff members who are creating and managing addresses within their local government.  There is a section on the FGDC and NENA standards that provides basic information on what is in the Standards and how it is helpful to address professionals at the local level in working with their addresses.  Additionally, we will cover the benefits of having address data in a functional database that can provide trustworthy address information to all departments connecting their business intelligence with location. Connectivity between the Master Address Repository (tabular database), GIS and other business applications will also be discussed."

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