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The presentation will describe BART's process in creating a web online service for the District's employees to access geospatial information. BART's EGIS (Enterprise Geographic Information System) is a comprehensive web application for viewing BART assets and their geographic location from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. BART's accomplishments were recently highlighted in an Esri video. The application will showcase some of the available tools and features

  • Search for Information - find map features
  • Search for An Addresss
  • Search by District Station Codes and Names
  • Search for Milepost, Track Features and over 30 layers
  • Features include updated Aerial Imagery 2"-3" resolution
  • Links to BART's Document Management System & real time asset info from Maximo Asset Management System 
  • Links to BART's Trackside Imagery similar to Google Streetview for Tracks, BART Station Interior and Station Parking Lots
  • Comprehensive Video Tutorials 
  • Additional layers include 3rd Party Transit, Utilities, Natural Hazards
  • View Title VI information and charts 
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 10:30 to 11:05

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