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Environmental Health Engaging Staff and Public with Web Mapping Applications

The County of San Luis Obispo's Environmental Health Division develops mobile web mapping applications that engage the public and county staff with timely data that supports multiple programs and emerging events that impact public health and the environment.  Currently we have the following ERSI ArcGIS-based map viewers developed completely in-house with Latitude Geographic’s Geocortex Essentials:

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Street-level Imagery with Mapillary: How to Turn Your Camera into a Mobile Mapping Device

Mapillary is a street-level imagery platform powered by computer vision. Mapillary provides apps and tools for everyone, enabling individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide to contribute with street-level imagery. All images are connected in 3D and objects recognized in images are automatically labeled and turned into geospatial data. Mapillary has a viewer, APIs, and developer tools for easy use of this imagery and geospatial data in a wide range of applications.

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Why Aren't You Using Centimeter Accurate GNSS Receivers With Esri's Collector?

With advances in Esri's Collector app, users can now fully utilize the satellite metadata capture tool to record horizontal and vertical accuracy estimates with each field collected data point.  These accuracy estimates are provided by Bluetooth-enabled submeter and centimeter GNSS receivers paired with phones or tablets.  This update along with Collector's ability to create a Location Profile to account for various datums, now allows RTK GNSS users to take advantage of centimeter accuracy on a tablet for their mobile GIS workflow.

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