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Why Aren't You Using Centimeter Accurate GNSS Receivers With Esri's Collector?

With advances in Esri's Collector app, users can now fully utilize the satellite metadata capture tool to record horizontal and vertical accuracy estimates with each field collected data point.  These accuracy estimates are provided by Bluetooth-enabled submeter and centimeter GNSS receivers paired with phones or tablets.  This update along with Collector's ability to create a Location Profile to account for various datums, now allows RTK GNSS users to take advantage of centimeter accuracy on a tablet for their mobile GIS workflow.

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Women in GIS: Thriving as one and priming those around you to thrive!

Thriving as a woman in GIS is not impossible, it's possible and many women are doing it. We'll go over some labor statistics and numbers to start off and then dive into what you as a woman can do to help yourself thrive and what allies can do to help women around them thrive as well. Many of these things are common across business, science, and engineering vocations but we might not think about how applicable they can be in our roles. Take home some tips and thoughts to ponder as you thrive and help women around you thrive!

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Young Professionals/Mentorship Session

Part 1: Becoming a Geospatial Leader What does it take to be a leader in the ever-evolving world of geospatial sciences and technologies? In this discussion forum, learn about URISA resources, educational opportunities, and the value of mentorship in furthering personal and professional development for success.

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