What To Know Before You Go


Thank you very much for registering for CalGIS LocationCon 2017 at the Oakland Marriott City Center located at 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA  94607. We look forward to your attendance at the conference. Here are some news and notes for all conference attendees.

Transportation to the Venue

We strongly encourage attendees to take BART to the venue. The BART 12th St. City Center Station is across the street from the Marriott.


Onsite parking is available for $40/day+tax for self-parking and $45/day+tax for valet. 

Conference Registration Hours

  • Monday: 07:30 – 18:00
  • Tuesday: 08:00 – 18:30
  • Wednesday: 08:00 – 16:00


In an effort to reduce waste and provide a green conference experience, we will not provide a printed program onsite. Sessions will be highlighted with electronic signage and we strongly encourage you to bookmark the program page of the conference website on your mobile device and/or laptop. The conference program is https://calgis2017.locationcon.org/conference/schedule/session/2017-05-22.


Wifi will be provided for all attendees to help you navigate the program online. 

Map/Poster Gallery and Employment Postings

Bring a map or poster to display in the map gallery at the conference. Easels will be provided to display your posters. Please be sure you poster is printed or affixed to a medium rigid enough to self-stand on the easel. There will also be an area to post announcements for job openings, and resumes of those seeking work.

Monday Night Meetups

On Monday evening after the Happy Hour in the exhibit area, we encourage you to choose some companions, pick a restaurant or pub, and enjoy dinner or drinks with your fellow attendees. See info on organizing or joining a Monday Night Meetup.

Monday Workshops

Everyone who is registered for the full 3-day conference, or who registered for Monday-only, is able to attend the workshops on Monday May 22 beginning at 08:30. There are 12 workshops scheduled.  Some workshops will be hands on and others are lecture style. Laptops will not be provided for the hands on sessions, so bring a laptop if you wish to participate in the hands on aspects.  Some workshops require free software to be pre-loaded on your laptop. Below is a list of the requirements for each workshop on the attendee-provided laptops (if needed):

  1. Drone Technology and Data Analysis - Participants are expected to bring a Windows/PC laptop computer to the workshop with recent versions of Pix4D Mapper and ArcGIS (available as a trial version) installed.  Pix4D Trial Version https://cloud.pix4d.com/signup/?sol=pro
  2. Introduction to Geoserver – Jody and Mike will have USB drives with software or download Geoserver.
  3. Esri Geodev Hacker Lab – Bring a laptop with Smart text editor (think Notepad++, Sublime) installed and a local web server running (check out this guide if you need help setting it up: https://gist.github.com/jgravois/5e73b56fa7756fd00b89  Also have an ArcGIS for Developers or ArcGIS Organizational account 
  4. LocationTech 101 - IP, Process and Projects – No Laptop Required
  5. Simple is Better. An Intro to Event-Driven Serverless Architecture on AWS - Participants will need AWS accounts, know how to create an S3 bucket and upload data to it. Bring Laptops.
  6. Collector for ArcGIS – Bring a Laptop or Tablet, have available your credentials for your ArcGIS Online account – publisher level, or we can set you up with a trial account that day if needed.
  7. Survey123 for ArcGIS – Bring a Laptop or Tablet, have available your credentials for your ArcGIS Online account – publisher level, or we can set you up with a trial account that day if needed.
  8. Extending QGIS – Bring a laptop with QGIS installed (latest stable release = 2.18, but 2.14 is probably fine) QGIS Download
  9. GIS Workflow at the Heart of NG9-1-1 – No laptop required
  10. From Hours to Seconds: Multi-dimensional indexing with GeoWave and HBase - Participants will need to be able to runDockeron their local machine to participate in this workshop.
  11. How to use climate projections data on Cal-Adapt for building web applications and visualizations - Participants should bring their own laptops and install the Jupyter Notebook App before the start of the workshop.
  12. Young Professionals/Mentorship Panel Session – No Laptop required

Exhibit Area and Sponsor Appreciation 

No conference is possible without the generous support of our committed sponsors. Please visit the conference website to see the exciting companies supporting the event. You will have the opportunity to visit their exhibit areas onsite throughout the conference. 

Our Sponsors

For information about becoming a sponsor, please visit the LocationCon 2017 sponsor prospectus page.