Terms & Conditions

CalGIS LocationCon 2017 Registration Policies

CalGIS LocationCon 2017 accepts credit cards.

Payments Received

Registrations are not active and your attendance not guaranteed until the funds are received by BayGeo.

With credit card registrations, we receive the funds immediately so your registration becomes active immediately.

Price Increases

The goal of early registration prices is to provide advance cash flow for deposits on the conference center, food and beverages, audio-visual, and so on. Thus we have a policy of not allowing pending registrations to span registration price increases. In other words, if you use the online registration system to register during the early registration period, we must receive those funds to complete your registration before the end of early registration. If we do not receive your funds before the prices increase, your registration will automatically be upgraded to the new (higher) prices. In other words, the early registration prices apply to the date we receive the funds, not the date you fill out the online registration form.

Invoice / Receipt

You will automatically be able to print a receipt when you submit your credit card payment. Once you've registered you can always log back in to view your registration and your receipt or invoice and other conference information.

Registration Transfers

If you register and then are unable to attend, you may transfer your registration to another person by sending us email. Please transfer your registration before May 1, 2017 if possible.


Because BayGeo incurs certain expenses prior to the conference, it is necessary to have the following cancellation policy:

All cancellations requests must be sent to us via email. If received before May 1, 2017, a $50 processing fee will be incurred. No refund of any kind, for any reason (including medical emergencies) will be given for cancellation requests received after May 1, 2017. Substitutions from the same organization are welcome at no additional fee. No-shows are liable for the entire conference fee.

BayGeo reserves the right to cancel the event or substitute speakers. In the unlikely event that BayGeo should have to cancel CalGIS LocationCon 2017, conference attendees will be refunded for the amount paid for the conference, but BayGeo is not responsible for any attendees' other related expenses, including hotel and travel. Refunds will be issued within 15 business days after the scheduled conclusion of the conference.

For further questions, please email us.

Sorry, but BayGeo cannot, and does not, make exceptions to these policies.

Photography and Video

Our goal is to capture the excitement of our conferences, and you may see photographers or videographers (including ones we've hired) documenting this event. It's possible that you would appear in some of these shots.

We also encourage attendees to share their conference experiences through social media. We invite you to speak directly with any photographer if you have concerns about their activities. Photos or videos taken by or on behalf of BayGeo may be posted on one or more of our sites or used in future marketing materials and publications.

Code of Conduct

All attendees agree to adhere to the conference Code of Conduct.

Speaker Agreement

By submitting a talk to the conference, speakers agree to the terms of this agreement.

Be sure to read the Speaker FAQs on the website for information on speaker discounts and registration.

Speaker Agreement and Recording Waiver

I'll Give the Talk: I agree to present my talk at the conference and to adhere to the content and intent as outlined in the description provided to the program committee.

I'm Responsible: I acknowledge that I alone am responsible for the published description of my talk. I will use the website to correct any errors in facts, formatting, grammar, spelling, etc.

No Warranties: I provide my material "as is," without warranties or conditions of any kind, either expressed or implied including, without limitation, any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.

OK to Post My Slides: I grant the Eclipse Foundation and BayGeo the necessary permissions and rights to post my picture, bio, title, abstract, and presentation files on the conference website and to include the same in any materials distributed at the conference.

OK to Record Me: I grant the Eclipse Foundation and BayGeo the necessary permissions and rights to (or to have done) transcribe, reproduce, and distribute under the terms of the CC-BY license [1], a recording of myself and my presentation in complete or partial form. This may include posting of the recording on the Eclipse Foundation website, or on other video hosting websites which may include, but is not limited to, YouTube. [1] https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode

There's a Deadline: I understand that approximately a month before the conference my talk information will be extracted for the printed conference materials, and that it is my responsibility to make sure they are correct.

I Have to Pay My Own Way: I understand that I must register to attend the conference and that I am responsible for my own costs of attending and preparing for the conference, including lodging and travel costs. Please note that our invitation to speak does not always include a free registration; for more information, please see the Speaker FAQs on the website.

No Swag: I understand that technical sessions at CalGIS LocationCon 2017 are vendor-neutral, and I promise not to distribute promotional materials or collect email addresses for sales leads, etc., during my talk.

I'll Leave Time for Questions: I understand that my talks are limited to specific lengths and I promise to leave time at the end for the audience to ask questions.

Forever: All permissions and agreements herein shall be effective in perpetuity and extend and apply to the Eclipse Foundation, its contractors, sublicensed distributors, and agents.


Our Sponsors

For information about becoming a sponsor, please visit the LocationCon 2017 sponsor prospectus page.