Code of Conduct

This event is a collaborative event by BayGeo and LocationTech. On behalf of both of them and other communities participating in this conference, we welcome you to CalGIS LocationCon 2017.

We are a large, diverse, and welcoming community that we hope you feel great about participating in. No matter how you identify yourself, or how others perceive you, you are welcome.

Each of these communities has their respective codes of conduct that were created in a similar spirit of codifying expected behavior towards others. Many people participate in more than one community represented at CalGIS LocationCon 2017. The following applies for this year.

The Eclipse community, including LocationTech, have adopted the Eclipse Community Code of Conduct, and all attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers agree to adhere to the Eclipse Code of Conduct.

Participants at CalGIS LocationCon 2017 are expected to act respectfully toward others in accordance with the Eclipse Foundation code of conduct.

Our Sponsors

For information about becoming a sponsor, please visit the LocationCon 2017 sponsor prospectus page.