Call for Presentations and Workshops

DEADLINE has been extended to Tuesday March 7

CalGIS LocationCon 2017 invites presentations on a wide range of topics to be discussed May 22-25, 2017. This is a unique chance for members of the Open Source GIS community and traditional GIS groups to meet and showcase their tools, solutions and projects. Invitation is open to all.

Prior to beginning the submission process you will be prompted to create a Login ID and Password.

Submissions will be assessed on their originality, interest to GIS and GIS related fields, and likelihood of advancing the discipline. Submissions may be technical or creative, scientific or experiential, individual or institutional in scope and approach. Submissions and optional papers will be assessed on how well they demonstrate a clear goal of relevance to geospatial technology, use of systematic investigation or methods, completeness of results or recommendations, and significance of conclusions.

Thank you for taking the time to consider presenting at CalGIS LocationCon 2017. Your submissions make up the heart and soul of our conferences, and we look forward to reading your proposals.



Presentation Types:

The conference consists of Monday workshops and general sessions Tues-Thurs. The map/interactive map/app gallery and social events will take place on the general session days.  Workshop and presentation proposals received will be selected by the program committee.

General Session Presentations

Presentations will be allotted 30 minutes. The conference program will host a wide variety of ideas and will have over 100 presentation slots over three days. We are excited by the creativity and productivity of the geospatial world and encourage you to share your work. The suggestion list below is certainly not exhaustive, any topic related to geospatial work will be considered.

  • The Business of Geo is one of the fastest growing fields in technology. Over the last decade a vibrant and diverse ecosystem of companies has grown out of what was once a niche market. Whether you are an enterprise service provider, GIS professional or boutique consulting firm, this track is for you. This is a fantastic opportunity to share innovative projects, new tools and services and other aspects of the geospatial and GIS industry.

  • Data: Big, Little and Everything Inbetween is at the core of what we do. Whether its management and analysis of big data, data collection methods and tools or processing imagery, we want to hear from you. Share your best practices for managing your geodatabases, show novel uses of open and crowd-sourced data, showcase the newest and most powerful visualization and analysis tools.

  • Geospatial Education is the lifeblood of our industry.  This track is dedicated to all aspects of teaching the geospatial sciences. What are the best open source education solutions, share how students are using ArcGIS to make their first maps, explain how to teach geographers to code. Education and certification from the elementary classroom to professional training is important to the vibrant future of our field(s). We're looking to hear from the community what the future of our industry will look like.

  • Tools and Technology Innovations Every year new and innovative tools are released into the geospatial industry. Some are new uses for existing technology, some are completely novel approaches to solving the grand challenges facing our community. No matter what you're working on or what the business model is, we want to hear about it. This is your opportunity to tell us about your tools and your solutions.  In the past we have seen presentations on subjects as diverse as developing with R, Python scripting, measuring accuracy in your GPS receiver, capturing and managing drone imagery and Lidar, developing FOSS4G tools, ArcGIS Pro 3D tools, mobile GIS data collection, and making maps with Excel.

  • Other Cool Stuff : If your presentation doesn't fit into one of these categories we still want to hear from you. Please use this category as a catch all for anything else you feel our attendees might want to hear about.


Instructor led half day (2hr-4hr) or full-day classes.  Workshops can be lecture-style or limited registration hands-on. All workshop submissions will be considered:

  • Beginner to advanced levels

  • Usage of off-the-shelve software (proprietary or Open Source)

  • Geospatial Scripting / Programming

  • Cartographic /Visualization Principles

  • Geodata Capture / Manipulation / Workflows

  • Other



The DEADLINE has been extended to February 17 for presentation or workshop Submissions.

Accepted speakers will be asked to register for the conference and submit a minimal conference registration fee. See Speaker FAQ's for more information.


You need a free Eclipse Foundation account to submit a proposal for a presentation or workshop. Create your free account and than log in using your account name before submitting a proposal. Create your account and log in here.

Provide the following information on the submission form:

  1. Enter your proposed Session Title.

  2. Choose the type: Standard (35 minute presentation) or Workshop.

  3. In the Speaker field, type each speaker's email address, separated by a comma (note: if you already have a free Eclipse account, the system will perform an auto-complete as you enter your email).

  4. Enter the Tags of your choice.

  5. Choose your proposed Track (see the list above) - our Program Committee may shift topics between tracks.

  6. Choose the Experience Level.

  7. Enter the Description - make it as interesting, specific, and complete as possible!

  8. If you already have Slides, upload them in this section of the form.

  9. Click Save.




By submitting a talk to the conference, you are agreeing to the terms of this agreement. Please take a moment to review the information in this Speaker Agreement. If you have any questions, please send email to

Be sure to read the Speaker FAQs on the website for information on speaker discounts and registration.


Speaker Agreement and Recording Waiver

I'll Give the Talk: I agree to present my talk at the conference and to adhere to the content and intent as outlined in the description provided to the program committee.

I'm Responsible: I acknowledge that I alone am responsible for the published description of my talk. I will use the website to correct any errors in facts, formatting, grammar, spelling, etc.

No Warranties: I provide my material "as is," without warranties or conditions of any kind, either expressed or implied including, without limitation, any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.

OK to Post My Slides: I grant the Eclipse Foundation and BayGeo the necessary permissions and rights to post my picture, bio, title, abstract, and presentation files on the conference website and to include the same in any materials distributed at the conference.

OK to Record Me: I grant the Eclipse Foundation and BayGeo the necessary permissions and rights to (or to have done) transcribe, reproduce, and distribute under the terms of the CC-BY license [1], a recording of myself and my presentation in complete or partial form. This may include posting of the recording on the Eclipse Foundation website, or on other video hosting websites which may include, but is not limited to, YouTube. [1]

There's a Deadline: I understand that approximately a month before the conference my talk information will be extracted for the printed conference materials, and that it is my responsibility to make sure they are correct.

I Have to Pay My Own Way: I understand that I must register to attend the conference and that I am responsible for my own costs of attending and preparing for the conference, including lodging and travel costs. Please note that our invitation to speak does not always include a free registration; for more information, please see the Speaker FAQs on the website.

No Swag: I understand that technical sessions at CalGIS LocationCon 2017 are vendor-neutral, and I promise not to distribute promotional materials or collect email addresses for sales leads, etc., during my talk.

I'll Leave Time for Questions: I understand that my talks are limited to specific lengths and I promise to leave time at the end for the audience to ask questions.

Forever: All permissions and agreements herein shall be effective in perpetuity and extend and apply to the Eclipse Foundation, its contractors, sublicensed distributors, and agents.


At the Conference – Check-In and AV Setup

The conference program, including your scheduled time and room, will be posted on the CalGIS LocationCon 2017 website. Sometimes last-minute changes are made to the schedule, so please verify those details when you check in at the registration desk at the conference.

AV in your talk room will include a data projector and, for larger rooms, a microphone. You must bring your own laptop and software to present your slides.

If you have any questions, please send email to We look forward to seeing you in at the conference!



Please read the FAQ's below for common questions. If you still have a question then please send us an email. We look forward to learning from you!

  • How do I add speakers when creating a submission?
  • What are the registration discounts for speakers?
  • How do I register as a speaker?
  • How do I get my discount code?
  • Does everyone listed on a talk need to register for the conference?
  • What should I do if I have to cancel my talk?

How do I add speakers when creating a submission?

A user can only be added as a speaker for a talk if she/he has a valid account and if they have successfully logged in to an EclipseCon website at least once in the past year.

What are the registration discounts for speakers?

Standard Talks: Each accepted Standard Talk earns one discount ($199 registration); the discount goes to the first speaker listed on the talk

Workshops: Each accepted Workshop earns two discounts ($199 registration); the discount goes to the first and second speakers listed on the talk

  • Note that we are not able to provide discounts for Ignite Talk presenters
  • Speaker discounts are not transferable; unauthorized use will result in your registration being canceled and additional registration fees may be incurred.
  • All speakers must register for the conference in order to attend the session and give the talk

How do I register as a speaker?

Speaker discounts are implemented via discount codes. If you have submitted a talk, please do not register until you know the status of your submissions. Your accept email from the submission system will include detailed information on registering with a speaker discount code.

How do I get my discount code?

Codes will be emailed to accepted speakers after the program is chosen.

Does everyone listed on a talk need to register for the conference?

All speakers listed on a talk need to register.

What should I do if I have to cancel my talk?

First, try to find a colleague who can fill in for you and then email us to let us know. Registrations are transferable if your plans change. If you must cancel, please email us as soon as possible so that we can fill your place in the program with a talk on the waiting list.


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